Castle Drywall in Winston-Salem has been installing multiple types of acoustic drywall for quite a long time. Acoustic drywall has changed and improved alot over the years, but for it to be effective, it must be installed properly.  Improperly installed acoustic drywall can allow sound to bypass the drwyall, defeating the whole point of installing it, so make sure you use a qualified, competent drywall contractor if you want acoustic drywall installed. If you’re going to spend the money on acoustic drywall cost, you might as well do it right. To achieve soundproofing of the room it is possible by means of partition sound insulation of drywall necessary in many areas: in factories and theatres, concert halls and recording studios. It is important to isolate additional noise in the apartment or private house. Sound enters the room from the outside, and into the beams that lead, passing the noise from neighbouring apartments and rooms. Note that complete sound insulation by a factor of 1 in the home is expensive and difficult, but it is possible to reduce noise, reflective soundproofing drywall.

Acoustic plasterboard as an insulating material for noise

Regular drywall is very poor at isolating noise, but it is cheap and strong. Therefore, it is often used for interior walls. For acoustic drywall ceilings, it is quite unsuitable. If you’re looking to cut down on noise transmission into or out of any given space in your house, using properly installed acoustic drywall will increase the sound absorption by using special materials and specialized mountings in order ot attenuate sound.  There are a variety of materials and techniques used to soundproof areas in your home, and each has it’s pros and cons, including cost.  If you request a specific brand of product, we will use that, but it’s better to just tell us your ideal outcome and let us recommend hte best products to use that will give you the best end result at the lowest possible cost.

Types of Acoustical Drywall

Benefits of Acoustic Plasterboard

  • Eliminating the “echo” effect due to the damping of sound waves inside the board
  • Environmentally friendly and safety material for use in residential areas
  • Various sizes of perforations allow acoustic plasterboard sheets to select the desired level of insulation (ranging from 0.2 to 1)
  • Easy layouts of acoustic plasterboard installation

Prospect of soundproofing drywall finish such as walls and ceiling with a plane transition without noticeable joints.

Due to these qualities, the material can be used for homes, and create a variety of architectural solutions, and apply specialized buildings that require reinforced acoustic system finishes.

Perforated Drywall Has Several Advantages

  • Sound insulation properties of the material allows it to be used without additional noise absorbers
  • The small size and weight of the sheets allows you to quickly mount them yourself
  • After work there will be no mess that you have to clean up. All processes are carried out “dry”, which means that cleaning will be minimal
  • The material is environmentally friendly and does not emit harmful substances;
  • After installation of acoustic drywall, it can be painted in the desired color
  • Acoustic gypsum board is available with various perforations

Round form. In this case, there are holes in the sheet with a diameter of 8 mm, which are made with a pitch of 10 mm (18 mm, if you count from the center of the holes).

The holes are square. The side of such a square used to be 12 mm, and the distance between them use to be 13 mm (25 mm in the event that you count from one center to another).

Round chaotic. In this case, all holes are randomly arranged and have different diameters (from 8 to 20 mm).

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