When drywall is not properly repaired, it can show some imperfections such as dents and cracks. Our Castle Drywall team ensures an irreproachable finish where flaws never seem to have been there.

Textured wall and Ceiling Repair and Removal

Would you like to repair or remove a textured wall or ceiling? Leave it to us to do it for you: these jobs can be excessively messy and delicate, even dangerous depending on the age of the house. Our experts will be happy to do this hassle-free work for you.

Complete Interior Finish By Our Experts

Castle Drywall in Winston-Salem will install new drywall or drywall compound to finish any room in your home. Applying primer and finish is an art and the key to a spotless paint job.

The degrees of finish and the execution tolerances of light plasterboard walls have already been the subject of an article published. At the time, we announced to you the first thoughts of the working group in charge of establishing three Technical Information Notes on the subject of light walls.

Drywall finishing is a process and is done by installing drywall panels into existing frames where the new walls or ceilings will be. Once installed, they are hung in place and taped with paper tape or drywall. The tape helps fill in minor cracks or creases between the drywall panels and frames, while the wet drywall mix is ​​added to the top to even out and cover the layers of the tape. After allowing this mixture to dry, a sealer and primer can be applied to the surface of the drywall, along with a coat of paint and a supplemental finish.

Drywall comes in various thicknesses and types, depending on what you are looking for. What customers appreciate most is drywall’s fire-resistant properties that make home interiors a bit safer and more protected. Along with our customer satisfaction guarantee, comes the company’s factory warranty for its drywall products. Drywall has been a trustworthy and reputable company over the years and one that we feel confident in disrupting drywall products. If you are not satisfied with the performance level of your installation, we will be more than willing to rectify the situation, either through our installation methods or due to a failure in drywall products.

It Has a High Durability

Drywall is known to be durable and reliable. If you’ve ever heard the terms, “drywall” and “drywall” will be used interchangeably, it is due to drywall’s ability to transform and outperform the rest of the competition with its durable products. drywall is backed by long-lasting promises of use and satisfaction, so if you don’t get both, the company will offer you a solution. By choosing drywall for your home, you are making an investment in your property that will pay off for future use.

What We Do

From Castle Drywall you can expect the finest quality in this case. We are specific in our approach with the best arrangement that your interiors need. With the most qualified and experienced professionals we make sure that you get the best service from us.