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Winston-Salem, NC


Castle Drywall in Winston-Salem is the top drywall contractor in the Twin City area. We are a small family-owned business who has been serving Winston-Salem for over 12 years, so we’ve got what it takes to deliver top-notch drywall services. We care about our local community because we live here too. When we look each customer in the eye and promise to deliver amazing drywall services, we mean it. We use only high-quality materials, and every person working here has had our exceedingly high standards drilled into them. You can trust that when we’re on the job, you’re going to get flawless drywall work.

Our company in Winston Salem, NC, happens to be the best drywall contractor in the area. We ensure your specific needs and wishes are met, focusing on all aspects of a flawless job. Castle Drywall has the right people, with the right experience, equipped with the right tools to create dream spaces in a very short time. We invite you to bring your ideas and allow us to carry it out with the quality required in your home. Count on our professional talent to do this job right the first time.

Are You Looking For Drywall Services In Winston-Salem?

Do you want to partition a space to add a room or closet?  Are you looking to finish your attic or basement? We have the best options for the perfect drywall installation now at the best prices. Castle Drywall are the experts when it comes to all your drywall contractor needs in Winston-Salem, NC, and the surrounding area. Our skilled contractors have broad knowledge in all the areas required when repairing or installing drywall or sheetrock and can therefore offer complete solutions. We always stay up to date on the latest trends, techniques and materials so your home renovation in Winston-Salem, NC, can be carried out in style!  We have the experience to know when a layout can be improved or another material might better suit your needs.

As a full-service drywall contractor, we provide a range of services to take care of all of your drywall needs, from installation all the way through painting and everything in between. This is a list of the major drywall services we offer.


Looking to complete that attic or that additional space? We can take care of all your drywall installation needs, from a single room to a multi-building complex. We leverage our years of experience and abilities to reduce waste material and time so you get the work you require done quickly and efficiently. Our drywall installers make sure to keep current on the latest tools and materials so we recognize specifically which item is going to function best for your project, so your walls and ceilings will look great once all is said and done. 

Drywall damage can occur from a wide range of circumstances, causing holes, dents, cracks, and even water damage. We can repair your drywall damage so that the damaged area looks brand new and is actually tougher than it was to start with. We’ve got the right equipment and materials to make your wall repair as budget-friendly as possible. Don’t stay with damaged walls when we can repair them today. Water damage specifically can worsen over time, since when the drywall paper becomes moist, it can encourage mold growth than can continue to spread behind your walls and begin to impact your indoor air quality.

While some parts of drywall are not extremely difficult for the typical do-it-yourselfer, drywall finishing is one job best entrusted to a professional. Drywall finishing is a lot more art than science. A good drywall finisher will leave walls looking like one solid piece, regardless of joints there are. It is cheaper to pay someone to do the work right the originally than it is to do it multiple times before finally giving up and hiring a pro. We employ only the finest drywall finishers in the local area, so we understand what it takes to provide you the ideal drywall finish.  Our flawless drywall finish is a key component of our amazing paint jobs.

Tired of plain, flat walls? Drywall tecturing is the best way to add depth and character to your walls or ceilings.  Using a drywall texture is a great way to show some aesthetic allure to a drywall surface. You can use it to add some panache or to hide small surface imperfections. You might have heard of knockdown or orange peel textures, however we have got multiple custom textures you can pick from to give your wall or ceiling precisely that look you’re going for. We can show you a variety of textures to help customize your drywall.

Popcorn ceilings used to be all the rage, although a lot of people currently choose contemporary flat ceilings. Removing popcorn ceilings can be a big inconvenience and can make a large mess, but we have the experience and the right equipment to get rid of those popcorn ceilings while cutting down the mess as well as the inconvenience. We can eliminate your popcorn ceilings to provide you an updated look while eliminating all the headaches normally connected with popcorn removal.

Acoustic treatment of a room is a great way to either contain or block noise transmission through your walls or ceilings.  This is popular with home studios to contain the noise or with exterior walls to reduce noise coming into the home.  Acoustic drywall is made of a material that absorbs sound, but equally important is the manner in which it is attached to the wall, as sound can partially bypass the drywall and transmit through the frame of the building if the acoustic drywall isn’t installed properly.  We have multiple acoustic systems which combine special drywall with the essential components to isolate the frame of the wall to prevent sound leakage.   We will analyze your space and determine the best system and installation required to provide you with the best results possible. For soundproofing the drywall, we provide the best options. Get your room soundproofed with the right setup and service that is customized to serve your purpose perfectly.

It is generally better to remove old wallpaper rather than trying to paint over it to make the newly applied wall color look perfect. If your wallpaper needs to be refreshed, you will likely need to remove it before redecorating. This job can be laborious and time consuming, but with the right equipment and experience it can be done a lot faster and easier than you might think. The strenuous process of wallpaper removal is one of our specialties.  We have the best professionals for the work and that is why we are here with the best service for you. By benefiting from the expertise of our decorative wall covering specialist for the removal of your wallpaper, the task will be accomplished in no time.

Insulation is one of those things that pay for themselves year after year.  The right insulation can reduce heating and cooling bills and keep your home comfortable. Having the right insulation in your home will keep it cooler in summer and warmer in winter while reducing wear and tear of your heating and cooling systems since they won’t need to cycle as often.  We offer multiple types of fiberglass insulation to fit your every need.  When you’re installing or replacing drywall is a great time to replace or upgrade your insulation since the walls are already open.  For high quality domestic or corporate room insulation, our team will engineer the best solution for your needs.  Our reputation for amazing service and stellar quality is why we get so many word-of-mouth referrals from customers.  We know how to balance efficiency and cost to provide you with the perfect solution to your insulation needs.  Our customers expect top-quality work, knowing that work done right the first time is cheaper than having to do it twice later on.  We use construction systems and insulation materials that eliminate the sensation of a ”cold wall” and that regulate the temperature very well.  Our insulation services provide excellent thermal insulation both at home and in offices and public buildings.

Why Choose Us?

Why should you choose us as your drywall contractor to provide you with drywall services? Here’s why: We show up on time and do precisely what we claim we will. We are a direct and honest drywall business, and we don’t take shortcuts, ever. We support our work, so if you ever have any trouble with the work we do, we will solve it. We rely upon word-of-mouth advertising, so it is vital to have satisfied customers if we want to remain in business. The absolute best form of marketing is actual customers mentioning to other people what a great job we did. We supply free quotes so you know exactly what you’re getting and what it costs before we ever begin. We don’t believe in hidden fees. We never add any upcharges without discussing them with you beforehand. Most importantly, we complete our projects on schedule and as promised. When we’ve completed the job, we make sure the jobsite is totally clean before the project is really considered done. We treat your home as if it were ours. Once hired, a professional drywall expert will lead you through the entire project before starting work to guarantee that we’re both on the same page with exactly what your objectives are for this job. After that, our group will create a plan to use the very best materials in the best possible way to ensure the job is done well, and done efficiently. We spend more time in the design phase to make sure we have the optimum strategy only after we are sure we understand what you really want and the way you want it. A written strategy is important to clearly spell out the scope of work and the job details before construction starts. This really helps make sure that you know exactly what you’re going to get without any uncertainty.choose

What people say about us

Amazing Quality

We’ve used other drywall contractors in the past for repair work, but the people at Castle Drywall really work miracles.  They fixed my damaged ceiling and matched the previous texture perfectly!  I can’t even tell where the repairs were because it blends in so well.  I won’t use anyone else from now on except for Castle Drywall.  These guys are amazing.

Lorraine H.

Best Contractor Ever

My coworker recommended Castle Drywall when we wanted to remodel part of our house.  It was a big job and we needed someone who knew what they were doing and wouldn’t drag the project out for months.  Even after I had to reschedule the initial meeting for a quote, they were very professional and polite.  They got the work done quickly and everything looks flawless!  They got all the textures exactly how we wanted.  We were thrilled with the results.  You can’t go wrong hiring this company.

Steve and Barbara J.


The team from Castle Drywall got here when they said they would and got right to work.  I was skeptical that they could do everything they said for the price they quoted, but they did!  They did exactly what they said they would do and without any hidden upcharges or fees.  It’s so refreshing to deal with a contractor who keeps their word and does good quality work.  I highly recommend this company to anyone needing drywall installation.

Miles R.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Are we really the best drywall contractor in Winston-Salem?

Folks say we are the best drywall contractors around! We think it’s our commitment to always deliver what we say while achieving amazing quality in our work. We make sure anything we do in your home is something we’d be willing to sign our name to. Word of mouth advertising is very important to us, so we take extra care to ensure we do our very best for our customers, and it shows.

2.   Are we the cheapest drywall company in Winston-Salem?

Honestly, it depends on the details of the job, but sometimes we are the cheapest drywall contractor and sometimes we’re not. We won’t cut corners just to reduce cost if it means sacrificing quality. We only use high quality materials, and we only used well-trained personnel. We don’t recommend it, but if you choose to buy your own materials to save cost, we will use them, but keep in mind that we cannot warranty any materials we didn’t supply. If you do want to buy your own materials for the job, be very careful, as we have years of real-world experience to know what material works best in a given situation. Knowing what to buy is just as important as knowing what not to buy, and trying to save money by buying your own materials can mean more costs down the line due to increased labor costs if your materials take longer to install or use, or if your materials don’t last, so the job has to be redone.

3.   Can you do your own drywall work?

Yes, you can. If you’re handy with some tools, you can do drywall work all on your own. Hanging drywall at your shoulder level or below isn’t that difficult as long as you find the right studs, use the right screws, and sink those screws to the right depth. Hanging drywall above your head can be very tricky to hold up the drywall sheet without breaking it while screwing it into the proper position. Even with 2 or 3 people, it can be difficult without a proper drywall hoist. Finishing drywall is a whole different animal, though. Drywall finishing is more art than science, and it can take a long time to master it. Poorly finished drywall just looks bad and can reduce your property resale value. It draws the eye and makes the whole job look bad. Even if you manage to do it all yourself and finish it properly, most people don’t know the proper direction to lay drywall sheets in different situations and how to make sure the finished product is really sturdy. If it gets damaged later on because it wasn’t strong enough, it costs more time and money to do it twice than it would be to call in a professional to begin with. That’s why we recommend using a good drywall contractor who knows which materials work best in which situation and the best way to install those materials for a flawless appearance with superior strength.

4.   I’ve heard you’re the top drywall contractor near me. Why is that?

Well, we push ourselves to be the absolute best drywall contractor around. Being the top drywall company around is about more than just doing good work, although it all starts with that. It’s also about how well we treat our customers, and how we respond when something goes wrong. We stand behind our work, and we make sure you’re heard and understood so we deliver exactly what you want. If you treat people how you’d want to be treated while you do amazing quality work, eventually you get called the top drywall contractor in Winston-Salem.