While water in the basement is a problem for all homeowners, it is even more glaring if you have a finished basement. Water quickly damages common building materials and can cause mold to grow in your basement.

If your basement walls have been damaged by water, Castle Drywall can help you. We provide quality drywall repairs in Winston-Salem. This completely waterproof material gives you the guarantee that your basement walls will be protected against possible leaks.

Our drywall repair system offers a solution to homeowners experiencing water-soaked, damaged or moldy walls in their finished basement.

This wall system features metal studs and an inorganic anti-mold coating that replaces the underside (32 inches) of drywall in your home.

A decorative plinth and chair rail made of inorganic material make this an attractive and durable solution that will keep your basement looking great for a long time!

Here’s a permanent solution for damaged drywall, a solution that prevents damage from possible water damage!

Our service includes the pre-removal of existing drywall and studs. The new system can only be installed after the drainage system is installed. Once the concrete has dried, the wall system can be installed. Full installation can be done in less than a week.

The Benefits of Our Drywall Repair Service

This wall system is a great way to protect your finished basement from possible water infiltration. Water cannot damage these durable wall panels, and their all-inorganic design does not promote mold growth.

In addition, the wall panels used in this system are fully washable, backed by a written warranty, and are tough enough to be exposed to the normal wear and tear of a daily living area.

This basement wall remodeling system is fully compatible with our modern drain systems. Each system is installed over a vapor barrier to direct water that may be on your walls to the perimeter drain. It is also fully compatible with our basement flooring options.

Renovate your basement with quality drywall repair With Us

At Castle Drywall in Winston-Salem, we can repair damage to your walls and floor with guaranteed products, while waterproofing your basement. No need for another contractor!

If you need to repair your drywall or for any other basement wall service, then call us today for a free quote. We are proud to offer our services to Winston-Salem, NC, and surrounding areas.

Although the damage caused by a spill is bad enough, it will rarely stop there. In most cases, in addition to the direct damage caused by a leak, there is also consequential damage. Especially with water leaks on your roof, pipes, bathroom or your ceiling, for example, there is in many cases consequential damage. Repairing your damage and the consequential damage is in most cases covered by your home insurance or your home contents insurance. However, you should take into account the fact that the damage that has arisen was not caused by your own actions or by overdue maintenance.