Drywall installation is a snap when you hire Castle Drywall in Winston-Salem.  We make it easy for you to get exactly what you want, because our drywall installation experts have been installing drywall for over 10 years.  We’ve learned all the tips and tricks to make the project faster and more efficient.  We know the best suppliers.   We use the best tools and the latest techniques.  We only hire the best drywall technicians, ensure they have the best training, and equip them with the best equipment.  We will walk you through every step in the process and make sure you know exactly what’s being done so there are no suprises.  Let our drywall experts take care of your drywall needs so you can rest easy, knowing you’ve hired the best drywall company for the job.  Once you’ve communicated your requirements, we will write up a plan to get it done in the most efficient way possible.  We are known for completing our projects on time and on budget.  If anything comes up that interferes with that, we will let you know immediately.

We’re the experts on all the different kinds of drywall and associated materials so you don’t have to be.  Every one of our drywall installs meets or exceed both industry standards and local building codes, so you can be assured that the finished product will be strong and beautiful so your property looks its best.  We pride ourselves on producing incredible results on every job we do.  Pick up the phone and let us know what we can do you you today!

Why install drywall for all interior walls?

Drywall is the material of choice for modern interior walls. Here are several advantages to drywall over other interior wall types.

Drywall Has A Number of Important Advantages

  • The material is lightweight and strong
  • Drywall installation is much faster than traditional plaster, and a room can mostly be completed in one day.
  • Drywall is much cheaper than other wall types, and the labor to install it costs less, too
  • Finished drywall leaves you with a nice smooth surface that holds paint and resists damage
  • It is much easier to route wires and pipes behind and through drywall than plaster walls
  • Drywall is inherently fire-resistant

What Makes Us Perfect for The Work?

We are the top drywall installers in the Winston-Salem area.  Our professional installers have years of experience installing many kinds of drywall. We’ve done everything from 1/4″ drywall in RVs and trailers to moisture-resistant drywalls to specialty drywalls like acoustic or fire-proof drywalls.  Not only do we have all the right processes down, but our professionals can tell you which kinds of drywall would work best in your situation so you get the maximum benefit from our experience.  We make sure we know what your goals are for this project so we can recommend the right materials to help you with your goals.  Maybe that kids room you wanted built would be better off with sound-proof panels, or maybe that mud room might benefit from moisture-resistant drywall ro prevent damage years down the road.  We leverage our experience and expertise to maximize the value we bring to you. We take extra care during the entire process so the entire job is done quickly and any problems are quickly identified and fixed up front, instead of having to go back and redo things twice. Our efficient processes save you time and money.  Our customers always talk about how we go the extra mile to ensure they get the best result possible on every job we do.

All of our drywall services are extremely transparent, just like our quotes.  There stay no hidden charges or fees waiting to surprise you at the end of the job. The whole process is done with utmost clarity and perfection. This is what makes us so dear and dependable to our clients. We have been steady in maintaining our quality in this process and that is what has earned us a long term reputation.